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I sat watching the tree trimmers trim our trees. We have two 40+ year old oaks out front and it was time to trim them so the grass could begin to grow again. We do this every few years or so…give them a pruning. The job was too big to finish in one day, so the trailer sat in the street overnight.

I began to look at the strength of those trees. The trunk is the sole source of energy, it is very strong and has deep roots with knobs growing up out of the grass. The oaks have beautiful sprawling branches in all directions with smaller growth coming off each one. They’ve survived 29 tropical storms and hurricanes since they were originally planted!

They’ve seen their original planters (owners) come and go and a new generation inherit the home.

As I watched the trailer trimmings slowly begin to die overnight, I thought “How quickly they began to wither. Not even a few hours and they start to lose their strength, color and tenacity.”

As Christians, we are the same way. We have big strong roots, with knobs coming out of the grass that indicate the storms we’ve survived. People come and go in our lives, just like the family, but the main “tree trunk” is solid in the ground with deep roots so we continue to survive and produce growth. The branches continue to grow and we begin to leave a legacy beyond our years. The growth is continual and never stops…


When times get tough and we decide to be ‘cut off from the big strong tree trunk'; it does not take long before we being to lose our strength, color and tenacity. The new growth stops, the legacy begins to fade. We find it difficult to keep going and when cut off from the source, we wither and die.

1 Corinthians 12:21. As it is, there are many parts, but one body. 21Theeyecannotsayto thehand,“I donotneedyou.”Nor canthehead sayto thefeet,“I donotneedyou.”22On the contrary, the parts of the body that seem to be weaker are indispensable,…

Lessons Learned:

1) Your greatest strength is a firm foundation with deep roots, Jesus Christ.

2) Be transparent. Your “knobs” show your tenacity to survive the storm.

3) Stay close in community so your branches continue to create growth.

4) Sunshine, water and continual pruning become our victory in Christ!

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