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    There is unity in community.

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    "The people have spoken."

    ~W. Pittman

    "SO awesome, Robin. You are one of the people who picked me up and dusted me off and encouraged me when I was without hope. Silver and gold have I none buy such as I have, I give unto thee. I pray God bless you 100 fold for blessing me. I pray He bring more laborers across your path and He makes the crooked places straight. I love you and can't wait for the next report!!!.





    ~K. Jackson

    "Thank you for helping me find my "bread crumbs" immediately after this meeting! You have a unique gift of connecting with people in a sincere and genuine way that puts others at ease. My conversations with you have always come from a place of spirituality, but at the same time "realness". There is no pretentiousness, which makes sharing one's personal, and vulnerable
    thoughts easy. We quickly established rapport, and you offered biblical based insights that were applicable to my situation. Let's be clear, it not
    "preachy" nor "holier-than-thou" advice. It is simply spiritual based outlooks to offer someone another perspective with positivity. You are definitely a valued member of my inner-circle! And you would be a tremendous asset to any
    organization looking to incorporate these skills! Continue to share your gifts!"

    ~M. Wilson

    "I want to thank you for praying with and for Jennifer as well. The prayers of a righteous person availeth much. Remain in the spirit, it is the only real light in a darkening world. What you had said in an earlier post of yours about how the word of God never returns void was absolute. If my testimony will help inspire just one person to seek the Lord and pull thru their life's trials then all my troubles would have been worth it for his Glory. God Bless you Robin Marcus Dahms."

    ~J. Wilson

    "Thank you for being my prayer partner so many times, and praying when i didnt have the words or energy to pray. You were "interceding" before you even knew there was term for it."

    ~A. Gonzalez

    "I will never forget the moments you prayed with me when times got tough! Thank you Robin Marcus Dahms"




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    Faith-Based Servant Leadership Training


    Leading Jesus' Way

    Do you understand your true purpose, as a leader?


    Most executives haven't been supported to gain this understanding. That's why they struggle to find success, significance, and soul-deep satisfaction in their leadership roles.


    Soul-deep satisfaction. Can you imagine what that feels like?


    "The most worthwhile work that I have ever participated in." ~ Tim Cullen, Owner & Founder, Cullen’s Home Center


    After completing Mark Deterding's Faith-based Servant Leadership Training, you too will experience soul-deep satisfaction. You'll achieve this satisfaction through learning to model one of the most significant servant leaders of all time, Jesus Christ.


    You will become the servant leader God intended you to be.


    Real Leaders. Real Companies. Real Resuts




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